A selection of salads to celebrate the New Year

Salads are an invariable attribute of any feast, you will not spend much time preparing them. Some recipes are very popular, but salads for the new year must be fulfilled with certain conditions, therefore housewives should approach the selection of the menu responsibly.

Today we offer you a selection of delicious and original salads to celebrate the New Year.

Salads to celebrate the New Year: salad with tongue

Pomegranate in a salad is not only for decoration, it gives the dish an original sweet-sour note.

Salads to celebrate the New Year: Princess on peas

New Year’s salad for lovers of crab sticks and salads made from them. Salad “Princess on Peas” is bright and very tasty. Such a salad will look very nice on New Year’s Eve laid out in glasses or beautiful glasses.

Salads for the New Year celebration: salad with apple, Chinese cabbage and Roquefort cheese.

On the table, in addition to sliced ​​cheese, there must be salads made of different types of cheese. And the combination of Roquefort cheese with apple, Chinese cabbage and crispy croutons creates a special taste melody. You and your guests will definitely like this salad.

Salads for New Year’s celebration: layer salad with herring

A great alternative to the usual fur coat will be a layered salad with herring. This salad will play with new colors and flavors.

Salads for the New Year’s celebration: salad with shrimp and avocado

Our selection of New Year’s salads is completed by a bright, original, light and healthy salad. And a successful selection and combination of ingredients will pleasantly surprise your guests.

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