Appetizer Green tomatoes

Today you and I will get acquainted with the recipe for spicy, direct, sweet and sour and very interesting “Green tomatoes” snacks. It seems that what can be cooked from still green tomatoes? To your attention “Green tomatoes”, and also stuffed!

Snack “Green tomatoes” – ingredients

The recipe for the “Green tomatoes” snack

Let’s start cooking “Green tomatoes” snacks. Carrots and onions need to be cleaned. Grate the carrot on a coarse grater, and cut the onion into thin half rings. Wash the pepper and cut into thin rings. Peel the garlic and finely chop it. Wash parsley and celery, dry and chop. Now mix all the vegetables and add a little salt (1 teaspoon).

Now let’s start with tomatoes for “Green tomatoes” snacks. The tomatoes should all be the same size. You need to wash them, make a deep incision on each one (you can crosswise), and put the prepared filling in each of them. After that, place the tomatoes tightly in the pan.

Let’s prepare a simple brine for “Green tomatoes” snacks. Boil water with salt and pour the liquid over the tomatoes. Leave at room temperature “Green tomatoes” snack for 2-3 days. The tomatoes should change color to a darker one and become soft. Eventually, stop “Green tomatoes” snack for storage in a cool place.

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