Apple jam

It is convenient to have a ready-made filling for a pie, morning oatmeal, or for bread with tea. We invite you to try the amber apple jam recipe with us, which everyone will like! It is better to choose sour apples, because this way the jam will be denser due to the pectin content.


Preparation of apple jam

Wash the fruit. Cut the apples together with the skin and send them to the pan.

Add water, cover and cook on medium heat until the apples are soft. Remove the pan from the stove.

Make puree. Rub the apples through a sieve. Add sugar, citric acid to the puree and mix. Transfer everything to a saucepan and, stirring constantly, boil the puree at a low temperature for about an hour. Add pectin with sugar and mix.

Boil for another 2-3 minutes and remove from the stove. Pour the jam into previously prepared jars and close with a lid.

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