Bags with rumbambar (rhubarb)

Bags with rumbambar (rhubarb) – tasty, thin “bags” with a lot of sweet and sour filling. Such cakes are prepared very quickly and easily. Perfect for a family tea party.

Bags with rumbambar (rhubarb) – ingredients

  • For the filling:
  • Rhubarb (rhubarb) – 200 g.
  • Sugar – 2 tablespoons (with a small slide).
  • Breadcrumbs – tablespoon (with a small slide).
  • For “bags” (for 8 pieces):
  • Flour – 250 g.
  • Oil – 125
  • Sugar – 1 tablespoon (with bangs).
  • Egg – 1 piece.
  • Cold water – 40 ml.

An interesting video on the topic – How to make chocolate sprinkles:

Bags with rumbambar (rhubarb) – preparation

Wash, clean and cut the rhubarb into thin pieces (2-3 mm thick). Add sugar and breadcrumbs, mix well.

Mix flour with sugar, add cold, cubed butter. We chop until the formation of a small oily crumb. Add egg and cold water, knead the dough. Divide the dough into 8 parts, form 8 balls. Roll out a circle with a diameter of about 14 cm.

In the center of the circle, put a tablespoon (with a slide) of the filling. We make folds (2-3 cm), glue them together, form a “bag”. Carefully transfer the bags to a form lined with parchment. Bake at a temperature of 200 degrees for about 20 minutes. Remove from the oven, cool.

Before serving, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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