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Beef with pumpkin and porcini mushrooms, stewed in beer

Today we will cook with you beef with porcini mushrooms stewed in beer. Meat stewed in beer acquires a bright aroma and rich taste. Pumpkin and mushrooms perfectly enrich the taste of the dish and give it an incomparable aroma.

We all don’t waste a single minute, we run for beer and to the kitchen – to cook!

Beef with pumpkin and porcini mushrooms, stewed in beer – ingredients

  • beef (scapula, hip part) – 800 g.
  • pumpkin – 400 g (weight of already peeled pumpkin).
  • porcini mushrooms – 300 g (fresh or frozen).
  • unfiltered light beer – 500 ml.
  • bacon (optional) – 70 g.
  • onion – 3 pieces.
  • carrots – 1-2 pieces.
  • garlic – 1 head.
  • butter + oil for frying.
  • bay leaf – 2 pieces.
  • sugar – 1 tsp. without a slide
  • cinnamon – a pinch.
  • salt.
  • ground pepper

Beef with pumpkin and porcini mushrooms, stewed in beer – preparation

Wash the beef, dry it with paper towels, cut the films from the meat and cut it into small cubes. It is good to heat a little (about 1 tbsp.) butter together with the oil in a pan. Put the meat on the hot pan (so that it lies in one layer on the pan).

And quickly fry first on one side, until brown, then turn over and fry on the other side. Transfer the meat to a thick-walled pan in which we will stew our dish.

We fry the meat in order to preserve the meat juice inside, so it is better not to put a full pan of meat (otherwise it will be stewed in its own juice), but to fry it in parts in a very hot pan.

Peel the onion and cut it into half rings, add a piece of butter (about 30 g) to the meat and fry it over medium heat for 5-7 minutes.

Pour beer over the meat, add a bay leaf and sugar. We stew the meat on the lowest heat for about 2 hours until it is fully cooked (you can add a little water during the cooking process).

The meat can be stewed on the stove, over low heat, or in the oven at a temperature of 180 °C.

Now let’s deal with mushrooms. If they are frozen, thaw them, wash them and put them in a colander to drain the excess liquid. Clean fresh mushrooms and cut into pieces. Heat a tablespoon of butter and oil in a pan. We lay out the mushrooms, add a little salt and fry until the liquid evaporates. Add mushrooms to meat.

Wash, peel, cut the carrot into strips and put it in a pan and mix.

Cut the pumpkin into small cubes. Peel the garlic and chop it with a knife. Add pumpkin, garlic and a pinch of cinnamon to the pot with the meat. Mix everything and stew the stew for about 20 minutes.

Remove from heat and let it infuse under the lid for 10-15 minutes.

When serving, sprinkle with chopped parsley.

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