Brownie with cheese and cherry

Smakota ( offers to cook something delicious chocolate brownie with cheese and cherry. Brownie ingredients complement each other very well. A sour cherry is added to the chocolate dough, and the cheese layer gives it an original taste.

Experiment together with deliciousness! Bon appetit!

Brownie recipe with cheese and cherry

  • cheese – 350 g.
  • sugar – 200 g.
  • vanilla sugar – 10 g.
  • eggs – 6 pieces.
  • cherry – 400 g.
  • oil – 180 g.
  • dark chocolate – 150 g.
  • flour – 200 g.
  • baking powder – 1,5 tsp.

An interesting video on the topic – How to make chocolate sprinkles:

Wash the cherries and remove the pits.

Melt butter and chocolate in a water bath. Beat 2 eggs with half of the sugar, add the cooled chocolate mixture and flour with baking powder, mix well.

Grind the cheese through a sieve, add the rest of the sugar, vanilla sugar, the rest of the eggs and mix everything well.

In a mold (26×22), we put a third of the chocolate dough, half of the cheese mass on it, then half of the cherries, repeat the layers and finish with a chocolate layer. Chocolate dough rises well when baking, although it may seem that there is not enough dough.

We put the form in the oven heated to 180 degrees, bake for about an hour (until a dry match).

Let our brownie cool down and cut into portions.

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