Cheese paste

In these pre-holiday hectic days, everyone is preparing for the holy day of Easter. Traditionally, paskas are baked, eggs are dyed and cooked cheese paste. These festive dishes are prepared once a year, so every hostess tries to put all her soul, skill and culinary abilities to make Easter a success. Smakota ( will help you with this.

Cheese paste always prepared from the freshest and fattest products. It is sweet, with various fillings of candied fruit, dried fruits and nuts. After a long fast, these are real treats, probably because of that cheese paste is considered a symbol of sweet paradise.

The strap should be high. In the past, masters carved molds from wood, and housewives used them. Now plastic removable forms of various sizes are sold. If there is no such form, you can do without it by placing the curd mass in a colander, sieve and even in a clean flower pot. The main thing is that there should be holes from where the liquid from the cooked curd mass will flow.

All products must be fresh and high in fat. It is better to buy cheese at the market, where you can taste it. The cheese should be soft, without grains, without sourness, because the final taste of paska depends on this.

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A recipe for making cheese paste

  • cheese – 500 g.
  • yolks – 2 pieces.
  • sugar – 125 g.
  • oil – 100 g.
  • sour cream or cream – 100 g.
  • vanilla sugar – 1 bag.
  • candied fruit – 100 g.

The cheese must be rubbed through a sieve or beaten with a blender. The cheese will become airy and even more tender.

Soak the candied fruit for paska well in hot water and let it stand for 30 minutes. Then drain the water, dry the swollen dried fruits and, if necessary, cut them.

Mix yolks, sour cream, butter and sugar to a homogeneous mass and put on fire. Bring the mixture to a boil over medium heat. Wait for about three to five minutes, the mixture should start to thicken. Then let it cool and mix with cheese and candied fruit.

Wet clean gauze and squeeze it. This is necessary so that it is convenient to line the form for the tape, removing deep folds. Place the form upside down in a deep bowl, cover with cheesecloth, leaving the edges hanging down. Spread the curd mass. Cover the edges with cheesecloth on top, put a plate of the appropriate size on top and put a wick (a 2-3 liter can with water). Put in a cold place for at least 12 hours. During this time, excess liquid will flow into the bowl, it must be drained constantly.

Then we open the gauze, place the vessel where the tape will stand, carefully turn it over and take it apart, remove the form. Now the cheese paska is ready, you can decorate it with candied fruit and treat your guests.

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