Cheesecake with bananas (without baking)

Today we have delicious and tender on the agenda no-bake banana cheesecake. A delicious and original cut cake is prepared very easily, from available products and always succeeds. Try it!

Cheesecake with bananas – ingredients

  • Cookies – 300 g (such that they crumble well).
  • Chocolate – 100 g.
  • Oil – 150
  • Cheese – 600 g.
  • Sour cream – 400 ml.
  • Sugar – 1-1,5 cups.
  • Gelatin – 35
  • Water – 100 ml.
  • Bananas – 4-5 pieces.
  • Jelly – 1 bag.

An interesting video on the topic – How to make chocolate sprinkles:

Cheese cake with bananas – preparation

Grind the cookies (you can grind them in a meat grinder, twist them in a blender or food processor). Grate the chocolate on a fine grater and mix with the cookies. Melt the butter and immediately pour it into the cookies with chocolate, mix well.

We put half of our “dough” on the bottom of a removable form (26 cm), we tamp it well with our hands. We send it to the refrigerator for 20-25 minutes.

From the rest of the “dough”, we form bars (thickness no bigger than the thickness of bananas) and put them in the refrigerator.

Gelatin is diluted according to the instructions on the package (it is usually diluted in hot water and stirred until completely dissolved).

Place cheese, sour cream and sugar in a blender bowl, beat until a homogeneous mass is formed and the sugar is completely dissolved. Pour warm gelatin and beat for a few more minutes. (Sour cream and cheese should be at room temperature)

Peel three bananas.

We take out the cake from the refrigerator and the bars from the refrigerator. Pour a thin layer of creamy jelly on the cooled cake and spread the bananas and bars in random order. Pour everything with the rest of the creamy jelly. We send the cake to the refrigerator until it hardens completely.

When our cake has hardened, thinly slice 2 bananas and lay out a pattern on top (use your imagination). Dilute a pack of jelly according to the instructions on the package and pour the banana pattern on top. Again we send the cake to the refrigerator for about an hour. Take it out of the removable form and enjoy the taste.

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