Cherry jam is special

There is nothing tastier in winter than delicious, aromatic cherry jam with hot tea. The cherry has already ripened, so today we will cook with you special cherry jam according to a fairly simple and quick recipe.

Cherry jam is special – ingredients

  • Cherries – 1 kg (pitted).
  • Sugar – 1 kg.

Special cherry jam – recipe

Cherries are sorted, washed well, dried, pitted, weighed and ground in a meat grinder.

Transfer the ground cherries to a HIGH saucepan, add sugar, put on medium heat, and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Do not reduce the heat, cook for 7 minutes from the beginning of strong “boiling”, constantly stirring with a wooden spoon with a long handle.

If the cherry is very juicy, and you want a thick jam, add another 5-10 minutes of cooking. If you want a thick jam, increase the cooking time by another 10 minutes.

***WARNING. The jam will boil strongly and splash, so you should protect your hand with a glove and a long sleeve, or tie a cheesecloth on the pan, cut a hole in the middle for a spoon and stir in this way.

Pour the hot jam into sterile jars, seal tightly with metal lids.

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