Cherry liqueur recipes

Cherry season is in full swing, there are many ripe and fragrant berries on the trees. That is why Smakota (Smakotainfo.com) shares with you the most popular, time-tested cherry liqueur recipes.

We use ripe (or even slightly overripe) cherry berries for pouring. If there are worms in the berries, then the cherry can be pre-soaked for several hours, the unwanted inhabitants of the cherry will float to the top. The filling can be made from cherries with or without pits (some aces of making all kinds of cherries assure that it tastes better with pits).

So, let’s start with the classic cherry liqueur.

Classic cherry liqueur on vodka

  • Cherry – 1 kg.
  • Sugar – 300-400 g.
  • Vodka – 1,5 liter.

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Wash the cherries well, sort them, and separate the stems. Pour the cherries into a three-liter jar and fill with vodka. We insist the cherry for 2 weeks in a dark, cool place (a refrigerator or a cold basement is good).

After two weeks of infusion, drain all the liquid into a separate glass vessel, and cover the cherries with sugar and shake well so that the sugar reaches all the berries well. Now we leave the jar with cherries for another 2 weeks in a cool place. We shake the jar once every 3-4 days.

After 2 weeks, strain the concentrated cherry syrup, squeeze the berries well. We mix alcohol and sugar liquid and pour the mixture into bottles, seal it tightly. After cooking, keep the infusion for another 3-4 weeks.

Cherry liqueur without vodka

In fact, it is almost a cherry wine, but since it is customary to consider only grape fermented and aged drink as wine, the recipe is served together with liqueurs.

We wash the cherries, sort them and pour them into a two-liter jar. Cover the cherries in layers, sprinkling each layer with sugar. Add water. After that, crush the cherry in the jar a little (with a ball, makogon, pestle).

We put on a glove (punctured with a needle on one of the fingers) on the can and tightly wrap it (with plaster, isotape. ) or with a water seal. Let the berries ferment completely until the glove deflates or stops bubbling.

After the berries have fermented, we filter it through several layers of gauze, do not forget to squeeze the berries well. Allow the infusion to settle for 3-4 days and once again filter through a cotton filter. Pour into bottles and store in a cool, dark place.

Cherry liqueur is spicy

  • Cherry – 2/3 of a three-liter jar.
  • Sugar – 400 g.
  • Alcohol diluted to 50% – 1,2 liters.
  • Cloves – 6-12 buds.
  • Cinnamon – ½ stick.

Pour sorted and washed cherries into a three-liter jar. We cover the berries in layers and sprinkle each layer with sugar. Cover the neck of the jar with a dense cotton cloth and leave in a warm place for about a week until signs of fermentation appear. When the berry starts to boil, fill it up to the brim with 50% alcohol or strong moonshine and add spices. You can add a bit of bitter wormwood – it will add an interesting taste and aroma.

Insist such infusion for 2 weeks, filter through several layers of cheesecloth, squeeze the cherry well. If desired, filter through cotton wool. Pour the infusion into bottles and let it infuse for at least a month.

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