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Chicken fillet in nut breading

A simple dish that can be prepared in 40 minutes, and you will have 4 portions.

Chicken fillet in nut breading – ingredients

Chicken fillet in nut breading – cooking recipe:

1. Pour hot water over the lemon and dry it, grate the peel, squeeze out the juice. Grind the nuts and mix with the peel, paprika and breadcrumbs.

2. Wash the fillet, dry it, sprinkle with lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.

3. Beat the eggs in a deep bowl. Pour the flour in an even layer in a flat plate. Roll the fillet in flour, dip it in eggs and bread it in a mass with nuts.

4. Wash, sort and dry lettuce leaves, tear large leaves.

5. Fry the breaded fillet in a pan in hot oil until golden brown.

6. Place the fried fillet in serving dishes. Serve with leafy salads.

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