Cold cheesecake Tiramisu in a glass

Cold cheesecake “Tiramisu” in a glass – tasty, tender, with vanilla aroma. It just melts in your mouth. Fresh cream is whipped well into a loose foam, the dessert becomes airy and light. The ingredients are very simple, it is prepared quickly and does not require excessive effort. The dessert can be prepared for any festive event or just to treat yourself. It always tastes good and everyone likes it.

Ingredients for making a cold cheesecake “Tiramisu” in a glass

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Preparation of cold cheesecake “Tiramisu” in a glass

We crush the cookies into crumbs and pour them on the bottom of glasses with a thickness of 1-1,5 cm.

Beat cold cream with powdered sugar and vanilla until stiff peaks form.

Gradually add cream cheese while continuing to beat.

Gelatin is poured with 60 ml of cold water and melted in a water bath (do not let it boil). Add to the curd mixture and mix thoroughly.

We divide the mixture into glasses on top of the crumbs and put it in the refrigerator until it hardens (4-6 hours).

We prepare the Tiramisu cream according to the recipe on the package. We put it in a pastry bag and squeeze it on top of the frozen cheesecake. Sprinkle cocoa.

Cold cheesecake “Tiramisu” in a glass finished!

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