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Cold cucumber soup

It is not for nothing that cucumber is a symbol of youth and freshness in phraseology. This universal and familiar product deserves much more than being one of the ordinary components of various salads. Cold cucumber soup – the culinary benefit of these vegetables.

Cucumbers have a crisp, juicy taste, and at the same time they are perfectly refreshing in the period of greatest heat. And in this dish, they are revealed to the maximum next to avocado, lime juice, fragrant herbs and yogurt. You will definitely forget about okroshka when you cook and try it cold cucumber soup.

Cold cucumber soup – ingredients

Cold cucumber soup – recipe

We leave 1-2 cucumbers for decoration. Cut them into thin circles.

We peel the rest of the cucumbers, remove the large hard seeds (it is better to take young cucumbers – then you can not bother with the seeds). Cut into large pieces.

We get rid of the stone and skin of the avocado. Cut the pulp into large pieces. If the avocado is large, one is enough, if it is small enough, we take two.

Squeeze juice from limes. You need to get 3 tablespoons of juice.

We load all the ingredients of the cold soup into the blender bowl: cucumbers, avocado, greens (without coarse stems), yogurt, cold water (it is best if it stands in the refrigerator for several hours), green onions and vinegar. We salt it.

We grind everything in a blender for about 1 minute until we get a homogeneous liquid puree. Our cold cucumber soup is almost ready.

Cover with a lid and put in the refrigerator for 1 hour. After that, pour into bowls, sprinkle with olive oil, decorate with slices of fresh cucumber and a couple of basil leaves. Let’s pepper. Bon appetit!

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