Cube beet salad

Beets belong to vegetables that improve metabolism very well and fill your body with a lot of vitamins. But often we refuse such a useful ingredient in our diet, saying that it does not taste good. Smakota prepared a delicious recipe beetroot salad “Kubik”, which not only children, but also men will eat with pleasure.

“Kubik” beetroot salad – ingredients

  • Beet – 3-4 pcs.
  • Feta cheese – 200 g.
  • “Hmeli-suneli” seasoning.
  • Oil (unrefined olive, sunflower).
  • Sponder – 200-300 g. (optional).

“Kubik” beetroot salad – cooking recipe

Wash the beets, boil until ready (~ 1-1.5 hours). Cool, clean and cut into cubes.

We also cut feta cheese into cubes, because that is the whole beauty of that salad – cubes.

Put everything on a flat plate, sprinkle with “Hmeli-suneli” seasoning, pour oil (we chose olive for aroma and unrefined sunflower for taste).

And it’s that simple, and the salad is ready!)

And if you want to “lure” your husband to taste this healthy salad, then cut the sponrer into cubes, fry them well until golden, drain the remaining lard and sprinkle the finished salad with crispy bacon crackers. Your husband will really appreciate this salad recipe.

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