Cucumbers are lightly salted

At the height of the vegetable season, Smakota does not bypass any recipes from fresh vegetables. Today is the turn lightly salted cucumbers.

Salted cucumbers – a good snack that can complement any hot dish. Salted cucumbers are delicious to serve with scrambled eggs, boiled potatoes and meat. The secret of lightly salted cucumbers: in order for them to turn out crispy, you must add horseradish.

Wash the cucumbers and cover them with cold water, leave them like this for 2 hours. Thanks to this, the cucumbers will be firm.

While the cucumbers are soaking, we prepare the spices. We clean the garlic, cut the red pepper into small pieces, clean the horseradish root and also cut it into pieces.

Place the first layer of spices on the bottom of the pan. Place the cucumbers on the spices. Spices again on top. And so on.

We prepare the brine – 1 spoons of salt (without salt) per 2 liter of water and pour it over the cucumbers.

Cover the cucumbers with horseradish leaves. By the way, about horseradish: the more horseradish you put, the crispier the cucumbers will be.

If you cover cucumbers with hot water, they will be ready in a day, and with cold water – in three days.

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