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Delicious chicken fritters

Today we will prepare a simple and quick dish for the dinner table – delicious chicken fritters.

Chicken fritters are prepared very quickly – about 30 minutes – and dinner (or lunch) is ready. Despite the simplicity of execution, chicken fritters turn out to be incredibly tasty, tender and juicy, disappear from the table in an instant

These chicken fritters even those who don’t really like meat (children) will enjoy it.

Delicious chicken fritters – ingredients

  • Chicken fillet – 500 g.
  • White stale bun (can be a loaf) – 100 g.
  • Egg – 2 pieces.
  • Milk – about a glass.
  • Salt.

Delicious chicken fritters – cooking recipe

We soak the bun in milk. When the bun is soft, we start preparing minced meat for our fritters.

Grind the chicken in a meat grinder. Squeeze the bun from excess moisture and also grind it in a meat grinder. We do not pour out the remaining milk, we will still need it.

Now let’s deal with the eggs – add the separated yolks to the minced meat, salt and mix well. Beat the whites into a foam and also add to the fritters.

The meat mass should be thin, like fritters, so we pour the milk left after soaking the bread into it a little at a time and mix carefully.

Put the resulting mass with a spoon on a pan with heated oil (olive, sunflower – according to your taste), fry until golden on both sides.

We serve delicious chicken fritters with any favorite side dish, or as an independent dish with sour cream.

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