Delicious chocolate bar with coffee flavor

Today we will cook a delicious meal with you chocolate bar with coffee flavor. Such a dish does not take much time to prepare, but it turns out to be very tasty, with a porous and moist texture.

The square is dedicated to all coffee and chocolate lovers!

Delicious chocolate bar with coffee flavor – ingredients

  • For cakes:
  • Flour – 3 cups.
  • Cocoa – 100 g.
  • Sugar – 2,5 cups.
  • Eggs – 5 pieces.
  • Natural coffee – 1 tbsp.
  • Kefir – 0,5 l.
  • Soda – 3 tsp
  • Oil – 7 tbsp.
  • Instant coffee – 2 tsp.
  • For the cream:
  • Oil – 400
  • Condensed milk – 2 cans.
  • Natural coffee – 1 tbsp.

An interesting video on the topic – How to make chocolate sprinkles:

Delicious chocolate bar with coffee flavor – preparation

Sift flour and cocoa, add 1 tbsp. natural coffee and 1,5 cups of sugar. Mix well.

Separately, beat the eggs with a glass of sugar (the mass should increase 4-5 times). Pour soda into the kefir (attention! the mass will increase in volume, so take a larger vessel), mix.

Pour kefir into eggs, add oil, mix gently. Pour the liquid mixture into the dry ingredients and beat with a mixer at the lowest speed until smooth.

Line the bottom of the mold (40*30) with parchment, pour the dough and level it with a spatula. We put the form in the oven heated to 160 degrees for 30-35 minutes. Readiness is checked with a wooden stick.

Remove the cake from the oven and let it cool. When the cake has cooled, cut the sides from it, retreating from each side to 2 cm. We will use these pieces for decoration.

Now we cut our cake crosswise into 2 equal halves and divide each half into 2 cakes.

To soak the cake, dissolve instant coffee in 200 ml of boiling water, add sugar to taste. If there is no instant coffee, you can brew natural coffee, filter it and add sugar.

Now we prepare the cream. Beat butter with condensed milk and add coffee, mix well.

Soak each cake on both sides and grease with cream. The top and sides are also smeared with cream.

Grind the scraps from the cake into crumbs and sprinkle on top and sides. If desired, you can also rub black bitter chocolate on top.

A delicious chocolate cake with a coffee flavor is ready. We can try.

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