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Dreams and actions – a promotion from TM Torchyn

Each of us has our favorite mayonnaise, sauce, ketchup or seasoning TM Torchyn. Many Ukrainian families cook and/or make their meals tastier with this brand every day.

Today TM Torchyn offers a surprise for all fans and buyers of its products – “Dream and Action” campaign. The main gift of which is a gastronomic feast for two to Italy – countries of luxurious food, coffee, wine and endless romance. Also, every week, among all participants of the promotion, a gift certificate for the purchase of the kitchen appliances you need in the amount of UAH 1500 is raffled off.

Make your dreams come true and become a participant in the “Dream and Action” campaign!

In order to receive one of the guaranteed gifts and to fill out the form for participation in the drawing of the main gift – a trip to Italy and the weekly drawing of a gift certificate, all you need to do is purchase any TM Torchyn product between 01.12.2016 and 18.02.2017.

Cut the RIGHT (right only) corner of the package so that part of the logo is visible.

Collect a certain number of such corners and go to the nearest exchange point, located in the “Novaya Poshta” branch. Find the addresses of authorized exchange points at Nova Poshta branches here.

And now about the most important thing – every participant of the promotion is guaranteed to receive A collection of New Year’s recipes from Torchyn, as well as one of the gifts.

5 corners you can exchange products with the TM Torchyn logo for modern, fashionable kitchen utensils: a slotted spoon, a spatula, a brush, a ladle, a small salad bowl (with a capacity of 1 l) – something of your choice.

7 corners from products with TM Torchyn logo, exchange them for a stylish salad bowl of medium or large size (volume 2 and 3 liters, respectively).

According 10 collected corners from products with the Torchyn logo, you will receive an exclusive roomy eco-bag for shopping.

The draw for the main gift – a gastronomic trip to Italy – will take place on February 26, 2017.

TM Torchyn cares about each of its customers, which is why it carefully selects only high-quality raw materials for the manufacture of its products. Today, the market offers a wide selection of products of this brand that will come in handy and improve or emphasize the taste of any dish.

Among the products of TM Torchyn, you will be able to choose the flavors that are suitable only for you, their great variety only contributes to this. Ketchups, the main ingredients of which are ripe tomatoes and natural spices; mayonnaise made from high-quality oil and egg yolks; world famous sauces; mustard from different types of grains; marinades for almost all types of meat, poultry and fish; dry spices from roots and greens; soy sauces.. Separately, it is worth mentioning the dressings for the first dishes, which make life so much easier and save time for modern housewives.

All TM Torchyn products are successfully used in cooking to prepare classic and original, familiar and spicy, but definitely tasty dishes. TM Torchyn website has selected interesting and proven recipes with available ingredients for any occasion in life. Every housewife will find a lot of interesting things for herself: from simple breakfasts to exquisite dishes for a romantic dinner or a festive feast.

Scramble with cheese and banana

2 servings in 10 minutes

Ingredients: Eggs – 2 pcs., Torchyn® “European” mayonnaise – 20 g, cheese – 40 g, banana – 40 g, butter – 20 g, salt, sugar

Beat eggs with Torchyn® “European” mayonnaise with a mixer or whisk, add salt and sugar to taste. Put a piece of butter on a heated pan, pour the whipped mass and, stirring it constantly, prepare the scramble. Add cheese and sliced ​​banana.

Allow the dish to infuse for a few minutes for fullness of taste. You can serve scramble on toast, garnished with berries.

Spaghetti Bolognese

4 servings in 40 minutes

Ingredients: Minced veal – 500 g, grated cheese – 100 g, spaghetti – 500 g, Torchyn® “Mild” ketchup – 300 ml, olive oil – 2 tbsp., garlic – 2 cloves, onion – 1 pc.

Boil the spaghetti as directed on the package. Fry the minced meat in olive oil, add onion and black pepper. Add Torchyn® “Lagydnyi” ketchup and cook the minced meat until ready. Serve spaghetti with meat in Bolognese sauce and don’t forget to sprinkle with grated cheese. Let’s taste it!

Cook with Torchyn and follow the news!

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