Dumplings with plums

It’s time to enjoy fragrant, tender plums. You can eat plums just like that, you can put them in baked goods, in sauces, but today we will cook dumplings with you. yes, yes Dumplings with plums. Cook and enjoy.

Dumplings with plums – ingredients

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Dumplings with plums – preparation

Wash the plums and remove the stones in such a way as not to separate the halves of the plum.

Mash the potatoes well so that there are no lumps or grind them in a meat grinder. Add flour, eggs and semolina. Mix well.

When the dough becomes homogeneous, form small balls from it, flatten them. Place a plum in the center of the formed pancake, put ½ tsp. inside the plum. sugar

Pinch the dough and form a ball. Lightly roll in flour. Lower into salted boiling water. Cook for 2-3 minutes after the dumplings rise to the surface.

We serve such dumplings with sour cream and sugar.

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