Extremely simple red fish appetizer – (Smakota): recipes for delicious dishes

Let’s make a note of this easy one recipe tasty and simple red fish snacks in your culinary piggy bank.

Ingredients for preparing a snack from red fish:


  • Round salted cracker – 1 package (180 g).
  • Cream cheese (philalelphia is possible) – 1 package (175g).
  • Sliced ​​red fish – 120 g.
  • Lemon – 1 pcs.
  • Greenery for decoration.

Red fish snack recipe:

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Writing a cooking method is partly ridiculous, because everything is very simple and easy to do, but we are renewing our tips.
  • Therefore, the fish is best cut into thin slices, then it is easy to divide it into even smaller pieces. So it will look good on this snack, and it will turn out to be quite a lot!)
  • Cut the lemon into very thin slices, and then into quarters. If you have a slicer in the kitchen, it is perfect for slicing lemons!)
  • Well, let’s make the snack itself. Spread half a teaspoon of cream cheese on the cracker, then lay out a small piece of red fish, put quarters of lemon on top and decorate with greens (it can be a leaf of parsley, chives or green onions).
  • We repeat this until we run out of ingredients.
  • That’s the whole “magic” of cooking this rough fish snack. Basic and simple, right!?

But cook with us!

Always at hand with new ideas and recipes, Your Deliciousness!

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