Fragrant apple pie – a recipe

We offer you a delicious recipe apple pie from a Lviv hostess. Such apple pie it is quick and easy to prepare, there are really a lot of apples in the dough, and the dough is so fluffy and fragrant that it melts in your mouth. So let’s start.

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Ingredients for fragrant apple cake

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Preparation of fragrant apple cake

Apples should be washed, core removed, cut into cubes.

We prepare the dough. Eggs should be beaten with a mixer, add sugar, then continue to beat until sugar is completely dissolved, add oil.

Add unslaked soda to the flour (do not worry about the taste of soda in the dough, it will be extinguished by the acid of the apples), cinnamon, cocoa, mix everything.

Pour the dry ingredients into the egg mass, mix gently with a blender.

Pour the dough and chopped apples and chopped nuts, mix, pour on an oiled baking sheet, bake until ready.

All, the fragrant apple pie is ready.

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