Garlic arrows in reserve

Today we have a very simple one a recipe for stock garlic arrows. Season garlic arrows very short, and there are always few of them for lovers. Today we will talk with you about how to stock up on arrows for a long time. I wanted to write “for the winter”, but such a delicacy rarely survives until the winter

Such garlic arrows it can be added to borscht (at the end of cooking), to ground lard (it’s incredibly tasty), to meat, to fish, to sauces, simply as a spread on bread.

Well, besides garlic arrows is a source of vitamins. So, we are preparing for the season and mastering the recipe!

Garlic arrows for stock – ingredients

  • Young garlic shoots – 500 g.
  • Salt – 0,5 tsp.
  • Oil – 1,5 tbsp.

Garlic arrows in reserve – cooking recipe

Wash the collected garlic arrows well, remove the hard part (the soft part of the arrow breaks off well, the hard part bends). We dry.

Grind in a meat grinder, add salt and oil, mix well. Or put everything in a blender bowl, immediately add salt and oil, grind.

As a result, we get garlic paste of a very pleasant green color.

Such garlic paste can be transferred to a jar, screwed on with a lid and stored in the refrigerator.

It can be added to ground lard, mixed with butter, can be frozen in portions in ice (or candy) molds, and then used as needed.

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