Garnet bracelet with chicken

Salad “Pomegranate bracelet with chicken” is an extremely interesting, multi-layered dish that has not only an unsurpassed taste, but also a stunning appearance.

Pomegranate bracelet with chicken – ingredients

Recipe for pomegranate bracelet with chicken

Let’s start cooking pomegranate bracelet with chicken. Boil beets, carrots and potatoes in salted water until ready or steam them. Cool, clean. Now grate the prepared vegetables on a fine grater. Also hard-boil eggs, cool, peel and finely chop.

Now for pomegranate bracelet with chicken you need to peel the onion, cut it into small cubes and sprinkle with lemon juice. Also finely chop the dill and peel the pomegranate.

Let’s do chicken fillet for pomegranate bracelet with chicken. Wash the fillet, dry it and cut it into small cubes. Peel the garlic and crush it with a knife. Add it to a heated pan with olive oil and fry for 1 minute until fragrant. Put the chicken and thyme in the pan, and fry over high heat, stirring, until cooked for 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and cool, then remove the garlic and thyme sprigs.

Let’s start the formation pomegranate bracelet with chicken. Place a glass in the center of the plate. The salad is laid out in layers in a circle. IMPORTANTLY! All layers should be slightly salted, peppered and smeared with mayonnaise.

And so: lay out the potatoes as the first layer. The second layer will be carrots. The third layer is chicken, put onions and dill on it. Then a layer of eggs. The next layer is the beet, and most importantly, it should cover the salad from all sides.

Now tamp well garnet bracelet with chicken, cover with cling film and refrigerate for 3 hours. Then carefully remove the glass. Tightly cover the entire surface of the salad with pomegranate and put it back in the refrigerator for 3 hours. Done!

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