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Traditional cold Spanish Gazpacho soup easy to prepare, very healthy and full of flavor. It is usually prepared and served in the summer when you need to escape the heat. Often it is even served to the table not in a bowl, but in a wide glass – like vegetable juice.

According to the Spaniards themselves, gazpacho – not just a national food, but also a cure for colds, flu, hangovers, break-ups. To prevent this from happening, this cold Spanish soup will fix everything.

Each region has its own differences, but we offer the option that is the most popular in the whole country – Andalusian Gazpacho recipe. Anyone who tries it will definitely want to go to sunny Andalusia to enjoy the taste. However, you can arrange your own Spain in your kitchen.

Gazpacho – ingredients

Gazpacho – cooking recipe

Peel the tomatoes. Make an incision with a cross and scald them with boiling water. This is the easiest recipe to peel a vegetable. Cut into large pieces, removing the core.

We also cut the remaining vegetables – peppers, cucumbers, onions, garlic. Set aside a small portion of peppers, cucumbers, and onions. We will need them at the end of cooking Gazpacho. We send the rest of the vegetables together with the tomatoes to the blender bowl. Grind everything to the consistency of puree or thick juice.

Add olive oil, vinegar, cumin. Salt and pepper. If it is a little thicker than you would like, add cold water or a few ice cubes.

Put the cold Spanish Gazpacho soup in the refrigerator for 4 to 8 hours.

Serve cold. Before serving, add a few pieces of chopped vegetables (pepper, onion, cucumber) and a little apple cut into small cubes. It is best if it will be acidic hard green varieties. For example, Granny Smith.

If desired, put a few croutons of a neutral taste on top and sprinkle with olive oil.

If we choose the option of serving in a glass, we achieve a drinkable consistency (the clause about adding water or ice) and ignore the part of the recipe that mentions adding pieces of vegetables and an apple with crackers. Instead, we can offer guests a tube.

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