Gelatin mastic for flowers

Smakota ( will tell you why it is needed gelatin mastic and how to cook it at home.

If you have already worked with marshmallow mastic and tried to sculpt figurines from it, then you know that it often loses its shape and takes a long time to dry. To, for example, make a shoe from such mastic, you need to prepare the shoe at least a week before the desired date.

Mastic from gelatin and powdered sugar perfect for making figurines and decorations for a children’s cake.

Recipe for making mastic from gelatin and powdered sugar

  • Gelatin – 0,5 tsp.
  • Water – 3 tsp.
  • Lemon juice – 1 tsp.
  • Powdered sugar – 10 tbsp. with a hill
  • Oil – 1/4 teaspoon.

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From these ingredients, we will get a piece of mastic the size of a lemon. If you need more, increase the layout by 2-3 times.

Let the gelatin swell in water. As soon as the gelatin loses its crystalline form (swells), put it on the lowest heat, stir constantly, not allowing it to boil. Leave the melted gelatin to cool.

Pour 5 spoons of powdered sugar on a board or a large plate. Pour gelatin into the middle and add lemon juice and oil.

We begin to mix very carefully, constantly adding the rest of the powdered sugar. The finished mastic should not stick to the hands. We put the mastic in a bag and take out only small pieces for modeling, because it hardens very quickly.

We paint the finished powdered sugar mastic in different colors with food dyes. To do this, cut off a piece, drip dye into the center and mix until a uniform color.

This type of mastic has the consistency of soft plasticine, so you can sculpt flowers, figurines, and patterns from it. We advise you to try to mold something beautiful for a cake, dessert or confectionery.

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