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How to choose nuts for baking?

Tips for choosing nuts not difficult and there are not so many of them. Adhering to certain rules when choosing nuts Not only will you not harm yourself, but you will also be sure that you will not spoil the preparation of the dish. And in general, such a product as nuts should be bought constantly, because they are so useful for health.

How to choose good nuts

It is absolutely impossible to buy dried, moldy nuts, as well as those with dark spots or a strong rancid smell. They produce very harmful substances produced by mold fungi – aflatoxins. Aflatoxins can cause severe allergies, in addition, they destroy liver cells.

One more advice when choosing nuts – when buying nuts without shells, pay attention to the color of the kernels. Old nut kernels turn yellow, some of them can acquire an unnatural bright yellow shade.

Nuts in the shell, if they have started to mold and spoil, when split open create a cloud of pollen – it is also better not to eat them. You can also take a few nuts in the shell and shake them – old, dry nuts will make a lot of noise.

Which nuts are better, peeled or not

A few more advice on choosing nuts. Of course, nuts without the shell are more convenient, but they last longer in the shell. In addition, nuts peeled from the shell yourself are always cleaner: sellers cannot guarantee that the nuts did not crumble, did not fall on the ground, etc.

It is most dangerous to buy peeled nuts in open markets: all the dust and dirt settles on them, and if the trade is conducted near the road, their kernels also absorb harmful substances from exhaust gases.

When buying nuts in a package, pay attention to the expiration date. In opaque packaging, they are usually stored for a year, in transparent packaging – no more than six months, if the expiration date is much longer, then it is better to postpone such nuts and buy others.

Tips for choosing walnuts

Their kernels should not be wrinkled, have spots, a dark or yellow shade. The shell of fresh walnuts is very hard, it cannot be split with your fingers, only old and damaged ones split easily.

Tips for choosing hazelnuts (hazelnuts)

A good peeled hazelnut is smooth, without plaque. But it is better to buy the one in the shell: peeled hazelnuts absorb harmful substances faster than other nuts. There should also be no whitish coating and dark spots on the shell of hazelnuts – these are the first signs that the hazelnut has begun to spoil, and it molds very quickly. Dried hazelnuts can be determined by weight and sound: they are much lighter than fresh ones and make a noise when shaken.

Tips for choosing pine nuts

Dark spots appear at the ends of the cleaned kernels of pine nuts that are old and those that have begun to deteriorate. But on the shell of each of them, on the contrary, there should be a small dark spot – this is evidence that there is a full-fledged seed inside. Important: in dry years, many nuts are empty, or the kernel does not grow to the required size.

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