Jelly salad Salted fur coat

You can make an incredible salad from ordinary herring that will surprise your guests. For your attention, a variation on a herring under a fur coat – “Salty Shuba” jelly salad.

Salad-jelly “Salty fur coat”

  • Mayonnaise – 200
  • Boiling water – 1/5 cup.
  • Parsley – to taste.
  • Potatoes – 3 pcs.
  • Salted herring – 2 pcs.
  • Onions – 3 pcs.
  • Medium beet – 2 pcs.
  • Quick-dissolving gelatin – 10 g.

The recipe for making salad jelly “Salty Shuba”

Let’s start cooking “Salty Shuba” jelly salad from boiling vegetables. Wash potatoes and beets thoroughly with a brush, boil in salted water, cool and peel. Cut the beets, potatoes and peeled onions into small cubes. Separate the leaves from the parsley (stems will not be needed).

Now let’s get down to the herring for. Peel the herrings and completely remove the bones (we will only need the fillets), and cut into cubes.

In order to “Salty Shuba” jelly salad to give a beautiful shape, you will need a plastic transparent cake cover with any pattern. This cover needs to be assembled jelly salad in the reverse order, so that when you turn it over, you get the picture and the layers of the salad in the usual sequence.

So, let’s start the formation “Salty Shuba” jelly salad. Put parsley leaves on the bottom of the lid. The next layer is diced beets, a layer of potatoes, a layer of herring with onions and again a layer of beets.

Now let’s prepare the filling for jelly salad. Pour the gelatin into a glass and pour boiling water over it, and stir until the gelatin crystals are completely dissolved. If the gelatin does not dissolve, heat it over the fire, but do not let it boil – this is very important. Cool a little, add mayonnaise and mix. Pour the prepared mixture of gelatin and mayonnaise over the layers of salad. It is necessary to pour with a spoon, so that the mixture evenly falls on the entire surface of the salad. Put in the refrigerator until completely solidified. Done!

Salad-jelly “Salty fur coat” turn over on a plate and serve.

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