Korean zucchini for the winter

Today, together with Smakota (, we will preserve Zucchini in Korean is a delicious salad of pickled zucchini with carrots and pepper. This spicy homemade dish will be a worthy competitor to Korean snacks from a supermarket or bazaar, and it will cost many times cheaper.

A recipe for cooking zucchini in Korean for the winter.

Wash the zucchini, clean it, remove the seeds, rub it on a grater for Korean carrots.

Wash the pepper, clean it from the seeds, cut it into strips.

Carrots are washed, cleaned, grated on a grater for Korean carrots.

Peel the garlic, grind it on a fine grater or pass it through a garlic press.

Mix vegetables, garlic and spices and put in a cold place for 5-6 hours.

Now let’s do the marinade. Mix vinegar, sugar and salt, mix well, add oil and mix thoroughly again (do not heat). Pour the marinade over the vegetables, mix well.

Place the salad in clean (or sterilized) jars. We put cans of salad in a pot and fill it with water up to the shoulders. Sterilize for 30-35 minutes – liter jars, 20-25 minutes – half-liter jars.

We twist the cans, turn them upside down and cover them with a warm blanket.

When the cans have cooled, you can open and remove the sample

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