Crespu – an unsweetened snack cake made of omelets with various fillings, which only you wish. Since it’s spring time, it’s mostly ours crepe will be with greens, so our cake will look fantastic and appetizing when cut.

Crespu – ingredients

The recipe for crepes

We will prepare dressings for omelets for crepe. Remove the stems from spinach and sorrel. Fry sorrel in butter, salt and pepper.

Separately, prepare the spinach for crepe. Mix spinach with crème fraîche (sour cream) and finely chopped capers.

Let’s prepare the third dressing for the omelet. Cut the peeled sweet pepper into cubes and also lightly fry with salt and pepper.

Cut the onion into thin half rings and fry separately with butter until soft, 5 minutes.

The fifth dressing is champignons. Clean them and fry them separately and season with salt and pepper.

Grate the hard cheese, and finely chop the greens (basil, green onion, parsley). Also wash and cut the tomatoes. All omelet dressings for crepe are ready

Now we will fry omelets for crepe. Break 9 eggs into 2 cups. Add fillings to 8 of them. In the first cup – sorrel, in the second – spinach with crème fraîche, in the third – pepper, in the fourth – onion, in the fifth – mushrooms, in the sixth – cheese, in the seventh – greens, in the eighth – tomatoes, and nine yatu – leave without refueling. Mix the contents of each cup thoroughly.

On a small pan under the lid, fry the eggs with the fillings until ready and place one omelette on top of the other, smearing it with tomato sauce. The last layer should be without filling. Serve crepe hot, warm or cold.

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