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Kutya is boiled on a boil

The main dish of the Holy Supper is kutia – a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Each ingredient in kuti has its own special symbolic meaning. Grains of wheat symbolize eternal life and abundance, honey has long been a symbol of heavenly bliss for our ancestors, poppy seeds and nuts are symbols of abundance and fertility.

It is believed that the tastier and richer the kutia on the Christmas dinner table, the more successful the year will be for the whole family.

Today Smakota ( offers you a recipe for a delicious kuti cooked on a boili.

Kutya is boiled on a boil – ingredients

Boiled Kutya on a boil – preparation

Wash the wheat well (do not soak). Pour in 1,5 liters of broth and cook until ready, in the process of cooking, you may need to add more broth (the kutya will be tastier and more aromatic if you cook it in the oven)

We steam the poppy and grind it with sugar in any convenient way for you until white milk appears (traditionally, the poppy was ground in a clay maquitra).

Also steam the raisins, chop the nuts with a knife.

Add crushed poppy seeds, liquid poppy seeds, sugar, nuts and raisins to the cooled wheat. For those who like liquid kutya, you can add a little more boiling water.

Kutya is ready. Have a delicious dinner and happy holidays!

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