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Lemon with ginger and honey

Lemon with ginger and honey – a tasty and vitamin-rich way to increase immunity. Sweet honey, sourness of lemon and spiciness of ginger perfectly combine with each other, help the body to fight against seasonal colds and fatigue.

In winter, such a delicacy can be eaten with tea, or added directly to warm (but not hot) tea. In the summer, you can prepare cool tonic drinks from this mixture.

Lemon with ginger and honey – ingredients

  • Honey – 0,5 l.
  • Ginger root – 60 g.
  • Lemons – 450 g.

Lemon with ginger and honey – preparation

Peel the ginger (the weight of peeled ginger is given in the ingredients), cut it into pieces.

Pour boiling water over lemons, wash well in hot water. Cut into pieces, remove the bones.

Grind ginger and lemon on a meat grinder (fine sieve), you can additionally punch with a blender, add honey, mix well.

Transfer the mixture into a jar. Cover with a lid. Let it brew for several hours.

Consume with warm tea. Let’s enjoy and strengthen immunity!

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