Lightly salted mackerel in mustard marinade

Boiled potatoes with greens and marinated fish, how delicious it is! You can’t think of a better dinner! And what a pleasure it is to create such a masterpiece with your own hands and surprise your relatives with an original taste! The recipe is easy to follow, but we are sure that everyone will like the final result!


Cooking lightly salted fish

Prepare the fish

Thaw the fish through the refrigerator, rinse, dry and remove the gills – there is no need to clean the fish.

Prepare the marinade

Combine water, salt, sugar, pepper and mustard in a container. Mix it all so that the salt and sugar dissolve. Cut the onion into half rings, add to the marinade.

Marinate the fish

Put the fish in a container with the marinade, close it and put it in the refrigerator for 3 days, periodically turning it over. Take the mackerel out of the container after 3 days, drain it, cut it into pieces and send it to the marinade again. You can store fish in a container with marinade in the refrigerator.

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