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Liver salad in layers

The recipe for a simple, very useful and hearty salad of liver, carrots and onions, which will not take much of your time, and the taste will pleasantly surprise you. Liver salad in layers – a recipe for which any type of liver can be used. Smakota ( suggests you use chicken liver.

A recipe for cooking liver salad in layers

  • chicken liver – 350 g.
  • pickled cucumbers – 10 pieces.
  • boiled egg – 5 pieces.
  • carrots – 4 pieces.
  • onion – 4 pieces.
  • mayonnaise – 200 g.

Boil the liver and cut it into small strips. Cut the cucumbers into small cubes. Boil the carrots and grate them on a coarse grater. Cut the onion into small cubes and fry in a pan with the addition of oil until golden. Boil the eggs, separate the whites from the yolks, grate the whites on a coarse grater. Leave the yolks for decoration.

Place in layers in a rectangular or oval dish with high sides in the following order:

  1. Spread half a portion of liver with mayonnaise.
  2. Half a portion of fried onions.
  3. Half a portion of pickled cucumbers.
  4. Spread carrots with mayonnaise.
  5. Egg whites smeared with mayonnaise.
  6. Spread the remaining liver, onion, and cucumbers thickly with mayonnaise.
  7. Sprinkle the yolk on top, grated on a fine grater.

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