Lush biscuit

You can often hear from housewives who love baking that it is quite difficult to prepare sponge cake. As if nothing complicated, but it also happens that it either does not rise or does not bake.

Prepare lush biscuit according to our recipe and be sure that it will come out the first time.

Lush sponge cake – ingredients

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A recipe for making a lush sponge cake

Before cooking lush sponge cake turn on the oven at 170 degrees and leave it to warm up well.

Now we will prepare the dough for lush sponge cake. Place eggs at room temperature in the bowl of a mixer and start beating, adding sugar a little at a time. Beat at maximum power for 5-10 minutes until you use all the sugar.

The mixture increases in size very well, about 3-4 times, becomes thick, viscous – this is a sign that you have beaten the basis for lush sponge cake right. Now sift the flour and add little by little, carefully stirring with a spoon so that lumps do not form.

We start baking lush sponge cake. Line the form with parchment and grease it all over with oil (bottom and sides). Now pour the dough into the mold. You will get a little more than half of the shape. NECESSARILY! We tighten the form from above with foil (rub the foil with oil from the inside) and put it in a heated oven.

We are baking lush biscuit at 170 degrees for 25-30 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 150 degrees and bake for another 25-30 minutes. A total of 50-60 minutes for baking.

MAIN CONDITION for baking lush sponge cake! Do not look into the oven during baking and until the biscuit has cooled.

Here he is – tasty, porous, 6 cm high, charming, and most importantly lush and even biscuit finished!

We let the biscuit rest overnight or for 6-8 hours and use it to make cakes. Or you can simply start the tea party with a ready-made biscuit.

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