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Marinated mackerel (for holidays)

Holidays, in particular Christmas, are characterized by non-meat fasting dishes. It is fish that is prepared for such a festive table. Marinated mackerel according to the recipe “Smakota” – a great option for a delicious fish dish. It is also simple and quick to prepare, which is important for a housewife who has to prepare more than one dish for the table.

Marinated mackerel (for the holidays) – ingredients

Marinated mackerel (for the holidays) – cooking recipe

We wash and clean the fish from the entrails, cut off the head. Cut into 2,5 cm pieces.

We clean the onion, cut it into not very thick rings.

Prepare the marinade: add the above-mentioned amount of sugar, salt, oil, vinegar to half a liter of water – bring to a boil. Add 5-10 peppercorns, 3-5 bay leaves and several cloves (2-3 pcs.). The amount of seasoning depends on your own preferences: to make the fish more aromatic, add more seasoning, to make it simpler, use less.

Put the finished marinade in a cold place until it cools completely.

We take a large deep pan. First, we lay out chopped onions in layers, then portioned pieces of fish, and so it will turn out 1-2 times (for the amount of fish, 4 pcs.).

Pour the cooled marinade over the laid out mackerel and boil for 7-10 minutes.

After that, cool the finished mackerel and leave it to infuse for at least a few hours (it is best for at least a night or a day. The longer the fish stays in the marinade, the better it will be marinated and it will become juicy and soft.

The finished fish is served on the table with pickled onions and can be decorated with greens.

We carol, give generously, celebrate and taste delicious marinated mackerel.

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