Mushroom caviar (canning for the winter)

Mushroom caviar is an incredible dish that will save you at any time. It can be served as an independent snack, prepare a filling for pies or pancakes, or spread a sandwich or fill tartlets. We would like to note that any edible wild mushrooms can be used to prepare caviar.

Mushroom caviar (preservation for the winter) – ingredients

Mushroom caviar (preservation for the winter) – cooking recipe

Boil well-washed and cleaned mushrooms in salted water for 50-60 minutes. Drain and let it drain well.

Weigh the drained and slightly squeezed mushrooms and weigh the carrots and onions according to the weight.

Cut the onion into cubes – grate the carrots on a coarse grater.

Pour oil (200 ml) into a thick-walled pan, put it on the fire, warm it up, add carrots and onions, stew until the carrots and onions are soft.

Then there are two options for the development of events:

1 – while the carrots and onions are frying, grind the mushrooms in a meat grinder, add them to the carrots and onions.

2 – add whole mushrooms to carrots and onions, and at the end of cooking, beat everything together with an immersion blender.

Regardless of the option you choose, salt the mushrooms and vegetables to taste, add pepper, add 3-4 bay leaves, simmer for 30 minutes. 10 minutes before the end of stewing, pour vinegar.

Place the caviar in sterile jars, cover with sterilized lids (cover). Place rags on the bottom of a large pot, place jars and fill with water (up to the “shoulders” of the jars). Sterilize – 40-50 minutes. Close tightly with lids, turn upside down, cover with a warm blanket.

Mushrooms according to this method of preparation should be well stored in the home pantry. But still, it is better to store them in a cool place.

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