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New Year s menu: fish dishes

New Year’s menu: fish dishes. For lovers of fish ponds, we suggest choosing a recipe for cooking tasty, fragrant and tender fish. Baked a fish in the oven is extremely aromatic and juicy. It preserves all its taste properties as much as possible. Guests will be satisfied with your culinary masterpieces.

Fish dishes are very tasty and healthy. They provide our body with the necessary vitamins that are contained in fish and omega acids.

We wish that the New Year will be a year of peace, harmony and delicious things for you.

New Year’s menu. Fish. – Tender stuffed mackerel.

A simple and easy recipe for cooking delicious stuffed fish. The fish will be tasty, juicy and full of various aromas.

Mackerel (freshly thawed) – 1 piece.

Tender stuffed mackerel – preparation

We take thawed mackerel. We put it in front of us with the tummy down. We make two incisions – near the head and near the tail, perpendicular to the carcass itself. Then we cut with a knife along the body, along the line where the upper fin is located. We take scissors and cut off the spine near the head and near the tail. Now carefully remove the main bone and small bones. We take out the entrails and remove the black film that is in the belly so that the dish does not become bitter. Now your mackerel will resemble a “shuttle”.

Coat the mackerel with crushed garlic, oil, a little pepper and salt. Let the fish marinate. Let’s put it aside. Now cut the onion, mushrooms, sweet pepper into small cubes. Grate the carrot on a carrot grater. Fry the vegetables a little with sour cream, salt, pepper, marjoram and fennel. We fill the fish with vegetables fried in a pan. Sprinkle with grated cheese and put in an oven heated to 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

New Year’s menu. Fish. – Trout baked in an envelope

Trout is a very tasty and tender fish. Try to cook according to the proposed recipe and everyone who tries this dish will ask for the same recipe so that they can cook this miracle for themselves.

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