Overseas – eggplant (for the winter) without vinegar

Prepare a sleigh in the summer” – a folk proverb teaches us. It can also be rephrased for preservation – what you prepare in the summer, you will find in the winter. Today, together with Smakota (, we will prepare caviar according to the proven recipe of a Galician housewife. Such eggplant caviar it always succeeds and turns out to be very tasty, and the main thing is that it stands up under any conditions.

Eggplant caviar recipe without vinegar

  • eggplants – 2 kg.
  • tomatoes – 1,5 kg.
  • carrots – 1 kg.
  • bell pepper – 1 kg.
  • onion – 1 kg.
  • hot pepper – 2 pods (or to taste).
  • salt – 3 tbsp. (without slide).
  • sugar – 1 tbsp. (without slide).
  • oil – 350-400 ml.

Wash the eggplants well, cut off the stem and cut them into cubes (for those who do not like the skins of eggplants and peppers in caviar, you can pre-bake them, remove the skin, and then cut them). Clean the onion, cut it into small cubes. Wash the bell pepper, cut it in half, remove the seeds and cut it into cubes. Finely chop hot pepper. Peel and grate carrots on a carrot grater. Pour boiling water over the tomatoes for 1 minute, peel them, cut them into cubes.

We take a large frying pan, pour some oil, lay out the eggplants and fry them (if you baked the eggplants, skip this step). We put them in a large thick-walled pan.

Then, in the same pan where the eggplants were fried, pour more oil and fry the onions until golden. We spread the onions to the eggplants.

We fry carrots and also in a pan with eggplants and onions. Fry the pepper in the same way, put it in a pan.

We stew the tomatoes until soft under the lid and pour them over all the vegetables.

Add salt, sugar, hot pepper, mix well. Put on the lowest heat and boil, stirring periodically, for 40 minutes.

Our caviar is ready. You can beat it with a blender until it becomes a puree, or you can leave it as it is.

Spread the caviar on sterile hot jars, cover hermetically with sterilized lids.

Note! If your caviar will be stored in an apartment locker, and not in a cold cellar, it should be sterilized for 15 minutes before closing with lids, so it is guaranteed to be stored at any temperature.

We turn the cans upside down, wrap them with a warm blanket and leave them to cool completely.

This amount of ingredients yields 5 liters of finished caviar.

If you really like sour caviar (with vinegar), you can add 3 teaspoons of 9% vinegar 10 minutes before the end of cooking.

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