Pastry cake

Sometimes it happens that on Easter you baked too many paskats and did not have time to eat them all. If you do not want the straps to harden, then give them a second life in the form of a gift cakes made of pashka.

Pastry cake – ingredients

A recipe for making cakes from pasca

So, let’s start cooking cakes made of pashka. Bring milk and half a portion of sugar to a boil. Beat the eggs with the second half of the sugar and vanilla. Add the egg mixture to the milk. Starch can be added to the finished mixture.

Watch our video recipe for paska on our channel:

Cook the finished mixture over low heat until it thickens. Add soft butter and mix until smooth.

Meanwhile, a belt for cakes you need to cut it into slices and dry it in the oven for a few minutes, and then grind it into crumbs using a blender.

We begin the formation cakes made of pashka. Combine the crumbs and custard until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Form round cakes.

Let’s decorate ours cake made of pasca. Combine cocoa with powdered sugar and roll the cakes in it. Done! Pastry cake very tasty and quickly eaten!

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