Pickled cucumbers, canned – are well stored even in a warm apartment

However, not all housewives/masters have such a luxury as a cold cellar (cellar) for storing such cucumbers. That is why we are sharing it with you today pickled cucumbers recipe, canned, which are well stored even in the conditions of a warm apartment.

Pickled cucumbers, canned (Keeps well even in a warm apartment) – ingredients

  • For the marinade:
  • Water – 1 l.
  • Salt – 2 tbsp.

Canned pickled cucumbers (Keeps well even in a warm apartment) – cooking recipe

Cucumbers are soaked in water for several hours.

Put a layer of greens, garlic on the bottom of the pan, a layer of cucumbers on top, another layer of greens, a layer of cucumbers. And so on until there is room in the pan (or the cucumbers run out). Cover with greens on top.

***Author’s note. Do not spare the garlic, the more you put it, the better (I put about 1 medium head of garlic per 1-1,5 kg of cucumbers).

Fill with water, add 2 tablespoons for every liter of water. salt We press on top with a plate, put a half-liter jar with water.

We leave the cucumbers for 4-7 days. The fermentation time depends on the size of the cucumbers and the air temperature. Cucumbers should ferment well, completely change color to dirty green.

Remove the cucumbers from the brine, wash them with cold water, put them in a colander, put them in jars (without greens).

Strain the brine through cheesecloth, put it on fire, bring it to a boil. Pour cucumbers, cover with sterilized lids, leave for 15 minutes.

Pour the brine into a saucepan, bring to a boil, pour in the cucumbers again, leave for 15 minutes.

Pour the brine into the pan again, bring to a boil, pour in the cucumbers and tightly screw with metal lids.

We turn the cans upside down, wrap them with a warm blanket.

We send it to the pantry. We enjoy delicious cucumbers in winter!

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