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Abroad, such pies are sold either already baked and then in pieces, or frozen and need to be baked.

But in fact, it is so easy to prepare them yourself, and the taste will be many times better than store-bought.

We have prepared the same for you simple recipe fast and very tasty spinach pie.

Ingredients for making spinach pie


  • Yeast puff pastry – 500 g.
  • Fresh spinach – 100 g.
  • Hard cheese – 200 g.
  • Egg – 3 pcs.
  • Salt, pepper, Provencal herbs.
  • Sesame seeds for decoration as desired.
  • Yolk for lubrication.

Spinach pie recipe

Step-by-step instructions:

  • We buy ready-made puff pastry, defrost it and roll it out slightly.
  • Next, we prepare the filling.
  • Fresh spinach, wash, dry and cut the leaves.
  • Grate the cheese on a large grater and add to the spinach.
  • Beat the eggs well with salt, pepper and a pinch of Provencal herbs, mix the whole filling.
  • Next, spread the spinach filling on half of the dough, leaving 1 cm from the edge.
  • Cover with the second half of the dough, press the edges.
  • Then we rearrange the spinach cake on a large baking sheet covered with parchment, make small incisions on top and grease it with yolk. If desired, you can decorate with sesame seeds.
  • Bake for 20-25 minutes. at a temperature of 200 degrees until a golden crust.
  • Take the finished spinach pie out of the oven, cool it slightly and taste it with broth or “salt”.

And if you are still looking for recipes for dishes with spinach, then follow the link, there are many interesting and original ones.

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