Poppy tree under a walnut blanket

Another poppy seed cake for all lovers of baking with poppy seeds – poppy seed under a walnut blanket. Such a poppy seed is perfect for a family or festive table. And it is very easy to prepare!!

Poppy seed under a walnut blanket – ingredients

  • For the dough:
  • Eggs – 2 pieces.
  • Flour – ½ cup.
  • Sugar – ½ cup.
  • Baking powder – ½ tsp.
  • For the poppy seed mass:
  • Poppy seeds – 250 g.
  • Squirrels – 3 pieces.
  • Egg – 1 piece.
  • Oil – 100
  • Starch – 1 tbsp.
  • Dried fruits – 200 g.
  • Honey – 2 tbsp.
  • Milk – 1/2 cup.
  • Sugar – 100 g.
  • For the cream:
  • Cream – 330 ml.
  • Powdered sugar – 1 tbsp.
  • Gelatin – 1 tbsp.
  • For the nut mass:
  • Walnuts – 150 g.
  • Milk – ½ cup.
  • Oil – 200
  • Powdered sugar – 100 g.
  • Yolks – 3 pieces.
  • Alcohol – 25-30 ml.
  • Additionally:
  • “To coffee” type cookies.
  • Chocolate glaze.
  • Coconut shavings – 2 tbsp.

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Makovnik under a walnut blanket – preparation

Sponge cake

We separate the whites from the yolks, beat them to a stable foam, add sugar one spoon at a time, beat well after each portion of sugar. Add yolks one by one, beat at the lowest speed of the mixer.

Mix the flour with the baking powder, sift it into the egg mass, and gently mix it with a spatula.

We transfer the cake into a form (24×24), covered with parchment, pour the dough, level it. Bake at a temperature of 180 degrees until a “dry match”.

Cool the cake, remove the parchment. We put the same parchment back into the form and put the cake on it.

Steam the poppy with boiling water, cover. When the poppy has cooled, drain it and grind it several times in a meat grinder (you can also grind it in a blender).

Beat eggs, proteins, milk and starch until smooth.

Put poppy seeds, egg-milk mixture, butter, dried fruits, honey and sugar in a saucepan, put on fire. Stirring constantly, bring to a boil, cook for a while, remove from heat. Leave to cool a little. While it is still warm, apply the poppy seed mass on the biscuit, level it.


Dissolve the gelatin in 2 tbsp. hot water We are cooling.

Beat well-cooled cream until soft, add powdered sugar, beat again. Add gelatin, beat and quickly transfer it on top of the poppy mass, level it, put it in the refrigerator until it hardens completely.

Nut mass

Beat milk with yolks.

Grind the nuts, pour in the milk-egg mixture, bring to a boil while stirring, cook for a few more minutes, leave to cool.

Beat the softened butter with powdered sugar to a soft mass, add nuts and alcohol in parts.

Spread the nut mass on top of the cream, level it. Place cookies on top, pour chocolate glaze over. Sprinkle with coconut shavings.

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