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Quick chicken pate

Today let me suggest you quick chicken pate. This pate is prepared very quickly, and it turns out tasty and tender.

Smakota ( assures! Quick chicken pate will “settle” in your culinary notebook and will appear on your table very often.

Quick chicken pate – ingredients

  • Boiled chicken – 600 g.
  • Cream cheese (any) – 250 g.
  • Garlic – 1-2 cloves.
  • Lemon juice – from one lemon.
  • Walnuts – 50 g.
  • Salt pepper.

Quick chicken pate – preparation

Cut the boiled chicken meat into pieces and put it in a blender bowl, grind it. Add cream cheese, garlic, lemon juice and once again twist in a blender until smooth.

Add nuts and grind everything together again in a blender. If the paste turns out to be thick, you can add a few spoons of yogurt to it and mix it well. Taste the pate, add salt and pepper.

Pate is ready to use. It tastes especially good with croutons and toasts.

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