Radish salad with egg

Tasty and definitely vitamin radish salad with egg.

Today we offer you to prepare a delicious and extremely healthy homemade radish salad. The products are very well combined in this salad. It does not have any specific smell, but a gentle and pleasant spiciness of radish.

Try it and you will definitely like it!

Radish salad with egg – ingredients

Radish salad with egg – preparation

Clean the radish and cut it into two parts, put it in cold water for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the eggs.

Boil the eggs until ready. Let’s clean. Separate the yolks from the whites. Finely crush the whites, grind the yolks and mix with sour cream. Cut the greens.

Grate the radish on a coarse grater. Add chopped whites, dill greens, and dressing to the radish. Salt, mix everything well.

Salad with radish and egg is ready. Bon appetit!

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