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Restaurant #stayathome – time to become a culinary ace

At present, most of the inhabitants of the planet are deprived of usual rituals, in particular, traditional trips to cafes and restaurants. Under such circumstances, everyone without exception is forced to cook – even those who until now had no idea how to cook something more complicated than scrambled eggs or oatmeal for breakfast. Famous cooks and restaurateurs have also moved to the home kitchen. Nowadays, they do not create masterpieces for the public in a restaurant, but inspire amateurs all over the world online, holding master classes and revealing culinary secrets. Now is the time to master the recipes of complex restaurant dishes, for which there were not enough free hours or courage before. Have you long dreamed of learning how to cook a delicious napoleon or risotto, like in a restaurant with Michelin stars? Everything is quite real.

But you need to prepare carefully for culinary feats. So that at a crucial moment you do not have to hastily invent what to replace nutmeg or extra virgin olive oil with, we advise you to make a long-term supply of groceries. You can order everything you need in the thematic section of the “AUCHAN” online store –

What exactly to buy?

In any kitchen, which has now turned into a food block of a family restaurant, there should be a sufficient supply of groceries. Let’s figure out what exactly is included in this food group. From the Turkish language, bakkal means “vegetable seller”, but vegetables are not included in the grocery store. These are dry goods and canned goods that are stored for a long time and do not spoil. And also oils, ready-made sauces, seasonings, etc. In a word, everything without which it is impossible to imagine a flight of culinary fantasy. So, in order to implement complex recipes, as well as prepare delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, buy the following products:

Different types of oil. For frying – refined sunflower or olive oil. For salads and making sauces — extra virgin olives. For variety, it is also worth having fragrant grape seed oil, etc.

Tip: When grocery shopping, think about the meals you can make by combining these supplies. For example, you can prepare delicious al tonno pasta for the whole family from chopped tomatoes, spaghetti, dried herbs, and olive oil.

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