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Rhodope patatnik (potato grower)

Patatnyk Rhodope or potato plant is a Bulgarian national dish, common in the Rhodopes. It is believed that the tastiest potatoes are grown in this area of ​​Bulgaria.

Patatnik recipes there are many, each village has its own passions in cooking potato salad. Sometimes flour is added to the potatoes, or thin unleavened dough is made and grated potatoes and cheese are baked in it, various ingredients are added – rice, sweet paprika, meat. But there must be cheese, onion and mint in the patatnik.

Patatnik is fried in oil in a pan, turning over, baked in the oven or oven.

Grate the potatoes, squeeze out the juice. Add an egg, finely grated onion, chopped cheese (you can use your hands or on a grater). Add freshly ground pepper, chopped mint, corn flour. Stir well.

Pour oil into the pan (this portion makes 2 patatniki with a diameter of 20 cm), heat slightly, put half a portion of the potato-cheese mass, cover with a lid and fry on low heat until golden brown on one side. Then cover with a plate, turn over, transfer the potato back to the pan, fry until done.

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