Rhubarb and banana jam

Rhubarb and banana jam – a great first, even spring jam. Sweet banana, sourness of rhubarb and lemon, vanilla – a wonderful combination of flavors and aromas. Make it once, and it will forever remain in your culinary notebook.

Experiment with us.

Rhubarb and banana jam – ingredients

  • Rhubarb – 1 kg.
  • Bananas – 1 kg.
  • Sugar – 1 kg.
  • Vanilla sugar – 20 g.
  • Gelfix 2:1 – 2 packages.
  • Lemon juice – ½ cup.

Rhubarb and banana jam – recipe

WARNING. The weight of peeled rhubarb and peeled bananas is indicated in the recipe.

Cut the rhubarb into pieces (1 cm). Cut bananas into circles. Place in a pan, cover with sugar. Cover with a lid, leave for a day.

We put the pan on the fire, bring it to a boil, add gelfix and lemon juice, bring it to a boil, let it bubble for 2-3 minutes, turn off the heat.

Pour hot jam into pre-prepared sterile jars, cover with lids, turn upside down, cover with a warm blanket, leave to cool completely.

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