Salad with salmon and arugula

If your goal is to do it quickly a tasty light meal, you will hardly find a better recipe than this one. Faster than salad with salmon and arugula Scrambled eggs are prepared, but it definitely does not compare to the praise you will hear from guests for this salad.

Tender fish is marinated for only a few minutes and just as quickly cooked over high heat, which creates a unique combination of crispy crust and juicy texture inside. Together with other ingredients, it creates unique taste. And all this in less than 30 minutes.

Salad with salmon and arugula – ingredients

  • Salmon fillet – 600-700 g.
  • Mint leaves – 1 cup.
  • Fresh cilantro – 1/2 cup.
  • Lettuce leaves (mix according to your taste, arugula is mandatory) – 2 cups.
  • White onion – 1 pc.
  • Salted peanuts – 2 tbsp.
  • Lime – 1 pcs.
  • Sprouts of sprouted beans – 150-170 g.
  • For the marinade:
  • Water – 120 ml.
  • Ginger – 2–2,5 cm.
  • Lime juice – 4 tbsp.
  • Garlic – 2 cloves.
  • Olive oil – 2 tbsp.
  • Fish sauce – 4 tbsp.
  • Chili pepper (small) – 1 pc.
  • Brown sugar – 1/2 cup.

Salad with salmon and arugula – recipe

We start cooking salad with salmon and arugula. Peel the ginger and finely chop it. We squeeze the garlic. Chili peppers are cleaned of seeds and cut into the thinnest possible slices.

Let’s prepare the marinade. Pour sugar with water in a small heat-resistant vessel (ideally – in a glass one, to exclude any reaction with metal). Bring the mixture to a gentle boil over low heat, stirring constantly.

As soon as the water with sugar begins to boil, add ginger, garlic and chili. Stir and cook over the same low heat until thickened (it should be approximately the consistency of syrup). Stir constantly to avoid sugar burning – as soon as you hear this smell – immediately remove the dishes from the heat. If by that time the sauce has not thickened enough, return it to the stove in a minute or two and continue.

After cooking, add lime juice and fish sauce to the syrup. The latter can now be purchased in supermarkets without any problems. In extreme cases, it can be replaced with soy, but then there will be no fish taste.

Cut the salmon into pieces about 2 cm in size. Pour our marinade over the fish in a deep bowl and mix so that all sides of the fillet are covered with this syrup.

While the salmon is marinating, we have a few free minutes: we will prepare all the ingredients to quickly make a salad with salmon and arugula.

Bean sprouts are poured with 0,5 liters of boiling water. Drain the water in a minute.

Place washed and dried lettuce leaves, including arugula, on the bottom of a deep salad bowl. Add bean sprouts and onion cut into half rings. Mix thoroughly.

Place pieces of salmon on a heated pan with olive oil. Fry for 5 minutes, constantly turning from side to side with a wooden spatula. The pieces should not stick together or burn, but a brown crust should appear on them.

Transfer the fish to another dish and pour the rest of the marinade into the pan to heat it up for about 1 minute over medium heat.

Place the fish on top of the fresh greens and vegetables. Sprinkle lightly crushed peanuts on top. Pour over the marinade left on the pan.

We serve salad with salmon and arugula to boiled rice, placing lime quarters on top.

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