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Salmon in French

Salmon is not just a representative of the salmon species, it is called the “queen of salmon”, but also noble and Atlantic salmon. Regular consumption of salmon increases immunity, improves blood circulation and work of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the state of the nervous system. Salmon meat contains as many as 22 names of minerals. We offer you to cook salmon with us in the French style for dinner, and a glass of white dry wine will help to complement such an aromatic dish!


Cooking salmon in French

After removing the seeds, cut the chili pepper into small pieces. Take only half of the pepper. Put the other one aside. Squeeze juice from lemons.

Place the salmon fillet in an oven dish, place celery stalks, part of parsley and dill, chopped chili pepper there. Salt the fish, sprinkle with lemon juice and leave to marinate for a few minutes.

Pour water over the salmon, add salt and bake in a preheated oven for 20 minutes. Scald the tomatoes, remove the skin from them and cut into large pieces. Chop the rest of the greens. Peel the garlic.

Heat oil in a small, deep pan, add tomatoes and garlic. When the tomatoes are properly stewed, almost turning into a sauce, remove the garlic and add chopped parsley and dill. Salt, pepper, mix everything. Serve salmon with tomato sauce and greens.

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