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Secrets of delicious coffee

Everyone loves good coffee. Well, probably only except for those who like good tea. And what do you need to know to always enjoy coffee at home? We offer to your attention 9 secrets of delicious coffee.

Secret of delicious coffee #1

Don’t buy coffee in regular stores. You will not find good coffee in large chain stores. Overcooked grain with a bitter taste is usually sold there. The information you see on a package of coffee in the supermarket often doesn’t tell you anything at all. You will not know from which country the coffee was brought, how it was processed and when exactly it was roasted.

Secret of delicious coffee #2

Always look at the coffee roasting date. Coffee has its own expiration date, or rather, the date of desired use. And it’s only one month. It is during this period that it has the most vivid taste. The date must be written on the coffee packaging.

Secret of delicious coffee #3

Use scales for brewing coffee. Accuracy is important not only in confectionery, but also when brewing coffee. It is the measurement of everything and the repetition of the exact recipe that guarantees you a stable cup of coffee every time.

Secret of delicious coffee #4

Experiment with water. 98-99% of your cup is water, the rest is dissolved substances from the coffee beans. Therefore, water is a very important factor. If the water is soft, the coffee will most likely be overbrewed, if it is hard, it will not be brewed. Therefore, you need to look for a golden mean. This can be determined by the following signs: underbrewed coffee is very watery, without a clear bright taste, overbrewed coffee is very astringent and may have strong bitterness. Good water is water of medium hardness. Here is the advice – use a home water purification system or special store water.

Secret of delicious coffee #5

Do not overheat the water. Coffee is a very delicate product and requires gentle handling. Water should not be boiling water (boiling water), but water below 90 degrees should not be used either. The ideal temperature for brewing is 96 degrees, when “beads” appear on the water.

Secret of delicious coffee #6

Experiment with recipes. For example, you can use the formula as a basis: 60 g of coffee per 1 liter of water, respectively, you will need 250 g of coffee for a 15 ml cup. And then focus on your taste – change the grind, the amount of coffee or water, the temperature of the water to get the best taste for you.

If you prepare coffee in a Turk, then use cold water and brew the coffee on low heat so that the drink gradually heats up. You need to mix the coffee with water right away, so you avoid dry lumps and the coffee is extracted evenly. But after boiling, you should not stir anything, otherwise there will be more thick in the cup. After boiling, let the coffee rest for a minute, and then you can pour it into a cup.

Secret of delicious coffee #7

Drink black coffee. Try not to add sugar or milk. Coffee is a self-sufficient product, when properly brewed, it should not be bitter and does not require any additives. Before adding anything, take a sip to see if you really need it.

The secret of delicious coffee #8.

Taste different coffees. There are many countries, regions, processing stations, processing methods, which ultimately changes the taste of the drink. There is such a concept as terroir – it is a set of climatic, soil and relief features of the area that directly affect the taste. For example, Kenya is a bright berry taste with pronounced acidity, and Ethiopia – tea and bergamot notes. Recently, Colombia has been very surprising – different regions and very different coffee, very rich and rich aroma, apple and lemon acidity. If you prefer something not sour, but more nutty, chocolatey, then choose Brazil or El Salvador.

Secret of delicious coffee #9

Do not buy ground coffee. Coffee is best ground immediately before brewing, for each new cup. All extractive substances, which give the drink its taste, evaporate very quickly from ground coffee. If you grind coffee in advance, then the next day the taste of your coffee will be worse than when using freshly ground coffee.

Here are these secrets of delicious coffee You found out today. Brew the best coffee and enjoy it!

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